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User Agent Simulator

Enter a URL, and choose a User Agent. The simulator has optional support for cookies. Choose "Short output" if you wish to skip the source dump.


About User Agent Simulator

User Agent Simulator is a tool for analyzing and debugging web pages and web servers. It behaves more or less like a crude browser with script execution turned off, by requesting the given page and all relevant referred objects, including script files, frames and stylesheets.

The simulator can identify itself as various browsers and other user agents, which makes it easy to spot the effects of server-side browser sniffing. The simulator can also be used for basic performance evaluation. It facilitates validation of HTML and CSS.

Limitations: The simulator uses regular expressions instead of a real parser, which makes it a bit simplistic. Under some circumstances it can be fooled to pick up the wrong things; in particular, it does not recognize HTML comments. The simulator does not execute scripts.

Page updated: 2011-04-29.

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